Words come alive!

Posted: 15th May 2016 by les mots s'animent in lectures publiques
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We make the page come alive on stage to get kids hooked on reading and keen on staying in school.

« Words come alive » is a youth literacy troupe that promotes the love of reading.

We perform shows, dramatic readings and literary events for students in primary and secondary schools.

New! «Words come alive » is now part of the Quebec government’s Culture in the Schools program.

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Our Mission

  • To use an innovative approach as a means of introducing young audiences to literature.
  • To rekindle students’ interest in reading at the primary and secondary levels.
  • To present new ways of tackling skill sets specified in the Quebec Ministry of Education’s program.

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Our Passion at Your Service

Thanks to collaborations with the Literacy Foundation, L’école et les arts, Communication-Jeunesse , we know that by helping kids catch the reading bug, we help reduce school dropout rates!

As a team of professional actors, we love sharing our passion for books, authors and their myriad views of the world. We bring words to life by allowing primary and secondary students experience a very magical moment with books. Passionate about phonetics and reading, we use acting techniques to interpret literary excerpts. We select award-winning works by published authors from Quebec and elsewhere with a view to highlight the intelligence of the language as well as the words’ beauty and capacity to convey emotion and ideas. The ultimate goal of our performances: rekindle our audience’s interest in literature.

To find out more about our troupe and our passion, click on the links to the left of the page. Happy reading!