Our Performance

By les mots s'animent


Teachers receive a companion’s guide a few weeks before the performance.

Two actors perform excerpts of literary works (short stories, novels, horror stories, comedies, fairy tales, etc.).

The occasional use of accessories and costumes by actors or students sets the stage for the performed texts.

Some stories take place in total darkness with only small lights placed inside giant books lighting the actors’ faces.

To keep our audience stimulated, we use different strategies according to each text:

  • Playing a soundtrack
  • Biting into a cookie at the perfect moment
  • Projecting images
  • Interrupting the reading at a very intriguing moment
  • Many others

After the performance, we ask students to practise basic techniques that help improve reading aloud: voice projection, tone, emotions, etc. To do so, we hand out cards illustrating specific characters and a few sentences. Students must then practise finding a voice, a tone and an atmosphere that match their character. The workshop ends with a short performance of their texts.