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By les mots s'animent

The youth literacy troupe « Words come to life » includes several teams of actors in Montreal, Abitibi,

Quebec City, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

Montreal Team


IMG_1822-ModifierJulie Labrosse graduated from the Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe Theatre School in 2002. Since then, she has

landed many roles in TV series and theatre productions (Tribu.com, Harmonium, Virginie, Jack Carter,

etc.) and has been seen or heard in various commercials (Brault et Martineau, So You Think You Can

Dance, Curtis dans ma cuisine, Best Buy, etc.) for which she provided dubbing and voice-over services.

Julie also teaches acting and is well versed in strategies that help cultivate a love of reading. As founder

of Les mots s’animent, she performs numerous dramatic readings each year while also writing scary

short stories for youth as a means of getting kids interested in reading. Julie continues to perfect her

voice, diction, theatre and camera acting techniques.

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Jerome Roy photoThe perpetually smiling and uniquely creative Jérome Roy enjoys exploring the vast world of acting.

Always striving for perfection, he hones his skills at every turn to evolve as an actor. Having won the

hearts and minds of children across Quebec, he has performed on stage for more than 70,000 kids in the

past five years. Jérome is also the official “voice” of the popular VRAK TV channel. Whether he is on

stage, in front of a camera or behind a microphone, Jérome makes his job the best in the world by living

each moment to the fullest and creating a one-of-a-kind environment.

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Evelyne_SP_730Well known to young audiences because of her role in the popular TV show VRAK la vie, Evelyne St-

Pierre studied piano throughout her youth. It was through music that she first experienced performance

and took a liking to the stage. She became interested in theatre, body language and the body’s role in

acting, which led her to join the Omnibus mime school. Since obtaining her bachelor’s degree in acting

from UQÀM in 2007, Evelyne has acted in numerous plays and short films, most notably in Tania

Duguay’s production “Et si demain, aujourd’hui,” performed during the Carrefour international du

théâtre de Québec. On the big screen, she played the role of Micki in the movie Funkytown directed by

Daniel Roby. She can also be seen in television series such as Tu m’aimes-tu and Mauvais Karma. In a bid

to polish her craft, Evelyne attends various workshops on acting for the camera, voice (dubbing, voice-

over and advertising) as well as playwriting.

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