What Is Dramatic Reading?

By les mots s'animent


Reading to and for Students

The dramatic reading we stage is performed by two actors. Texts are selected based on various criteria such as rhythm, themes, awards, special interest, or narrative structure. We mostly perform texts in which storytelling unfolds in the first person and dialogue plays an important role so as to create a lively dynamic. Actors interpret characters’ emotions using only their voice. Voice thus becomes an instrument used to express feelings and emotions while evoking a landscape or atmosphere. By bringing stories to life in front of an audience, we provide a unique contact with books and encourage kids to relive the reading experience by and for themselves.

love-livre1Getting Students to Enjoy Reading

Attending a dramatic reading performance allows students, especially those with reading difficulties, undergo a fluid reading experience. This magical experience opens the gateway to a new world in which images create themselves, characters come to life through voice, and atmospheres emerge out of rhythm and tone. We strive to make kids want to become good readers on their own and to relive this experience for themselves.

In the social practice of reading aloud, the performer focuses more on communicating orally than simply reading. Reading aloud thus becomes an exercise in oral communication instead of a mere “sound decoding” activity. On the contrary, it’s a complex activity requiring considerable preparatory work to produce a message on one’s own reading, i.e., a reading of the reading.